Monday, September 3, 2012

Don't Feed the Bears!

 I guess they're too young to read!

Lake Superior Fishing

 We had a great time fishing with Royce and family on Lake Superior  just over a week ago.
 We caught 4 lake trout and the fifth one got away.

 It was hot and calm during the day and got cooler and windier as the afternoon progressed.

This is where we put the boat in north of Duluth along the Scenic Drive.  What a beautiful city, we should visit here more often.  We had a wonderful time and would love to do it again soon!  Thanks Royce and Lynn!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I must admit it, summer is winding down.  We had our early workshop days this week, 2 of 3 are completed.  Today we were in Morris all day checking off the OSHA blood born pathogens and other required items.  The main speaker was terrific, we have about 15 schools who share the expense and fill up the Morris auditorium.  The speaker was Steve Gilleland, and his topic was "Making a Difference." He speaks about leadership and usually speaks to cooperate groups.  We were so lucky to have him, he kept us laughing most of the time too.  On an interesting note, his stepson will be the new German teacher in Jackson, Mn this year.  Has anyone else had the opportunity to hear him speak? I would love to hear him again.  We always get the best speakers at our fall workshops!!
Tomorrow, we start at 11 and have open house from 4-7.  On Friday, we are off to fish on Superior with Royce and family-can't wait!!

Some good summer photo's

 It's that wonderful time when the basil is full grown and home grown tomatoes are fresh off the vine, add a little mozzarella, olive oil, salt and pepper and perfection!
 The fireworks on the 4th were even better than ever, which is hard to believe as they're always amazing.  This year I was even able to take some decent pictures!  Here's my best shot, right in front of the cabin.
 One of my favorite sunset pictures of 2012.
I love hanging out sheets, almost as good as sleeping in them.

Big Kitty doing what cats do best.

Classic summer kid with a bug in a jar.  This photo  captures her spirit.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Demise of the Hummingbird

I wondered why this big frog was hanging out in my petunia pot.  I took this photo in July.

Here's the pot on Aug. 19, he's in there, can you see his spots?

The cats actually drew my attention to this and I thought I was going to rescue the frog from them.  This explains why he's there and also doubled his size since July.  I moved him down to the lilacs and moved this planter to a safe spot on a table.  I had no idea frogs would eat hummingbirds!  Nature is cruel.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Good news for Mollie!

Mollie went to the vet today and is down to 11 pounds and in her desired weight range. Her sugar level was actually too low so she will now have just one insulin shot per day instead of two.  That will make life a bit simpler for all.   (This is an older photo so she still looks big here.)

Big Kitty on the other hand is up to up to 16 pounds and will need to go on a diet.  She won't be happy about that.  

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fun finds & Flowers

Kris found this darling Fire-King grease pot for Shari at the Hoffman rummage sales.  Mom and I shopped together there all morning and we both found some fun things.  For 20 cents I found another Russ Barrie statue for Shari's collection.  I also found some great classroom movies that go with some of my novel units-hopefully will have time to watch them.  I bought a Ouiji board for just a quarter, you never see those anymore and I wonder if they might be collectible? It was the last Downton Abby episode that made me snap that up.  Are you watching Downton Abby on PBS yet?  If not, you need to.  Mom got some good things too, a Dept 56 Firehouse for her Christmas collection, just a dollar and a box full of village accessories for 50 cents.  She was also very pleased to find an old collector plate from the Hoffman milkman who used to pick up our milk and deliver butter.  Do you remember Ingemar?  There was more but those are the highlights.

 These salmon colored geraniums on the top photo came from Jackson over a year ago.  They didn't do much for either Ann or me last summer but I kept mine alive over the winter and this summer they have been doing very well.  I love the flower and foliage.
 These old fashioned flowers are happy in a tub I rescued from the grainery on the farm.
I love hanging planters even though they need to be watered more often.  The hummingbirds are going crazy at our house right now.  Two almost shot right into me as they raced each other around the corner of the house.  They're so territorial so I try to keep the feeders spread out.

Back in the classroom

We had the 5th grade orientation this morning.  Things went well but I was a little disappointed with schedule changes and changes to my class list, things that I can't control.  I'm sure there will be more, oh well, be flexible or break they say.   I've had quite a few iPad meetings and a staffing that have forced me to go back to school early so I decided since I was there I may as well start setting up the room a wall at a time.  I am really enjoying putting the room back together.  These pictures are from Monday and today after orientation, a couple other walls are looking ready to go to.

This thrift store lampshade was a find this summer and worked nicely with a base I've had for a few months.  Laurel gave me some vintage classroom goodies last year and the schoolgirl figurine seems to be happy in this spot.  

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Elbow Lake Courthouse

We went to the courthouse last week to renew our passports, yikes has that gone up in price! Ours were ready to expire since first getting them to go to Ireland ten years ago.  We did use them last winter for Cancun so we only used them twice.  We'll have to try harder in the next decade.    Anyway, I used my new iphone to take these pictures in the courthouse. I love how the window frames the downtown area.  The courthouse has recently gone through a facelift and is in beautiful condition.  Everyone knows the exterior is beautiful but so is the inside.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

So, Dan and I are at the Twin's Game on Saturday and about 15 mn before the game we hear the announcer ask the crowd to welcome Sophie & Joey F. from EP onto the field with TC Bear.  We were SO surprised as we didn't even know they were at the game.  Their parents were in Vegas and they were there with D's parents.  Turns out they were randomly asked as they entered.   I ran down to see them and snapped a few pictures.  They went back out to help shoot out tshirts after the first inning.  How fun!!!
Out on Target Field

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oh dear, Blogger has informed me that I have used up all of my GB space.  They would like me to buy more space but I will probably just start a new blog or see if I can delete some old posts to free up space.  Not sure if that will work though as I deleted all the Cancun pictures and it didn't seem to matter.  I'll look into it and let you know.  In the meantime, have a wonderful May!!  :) Laurie

Spring has Sprung!

Morning sun, fog and spider webs

I was running a couple mn late but still ran back in the house for my camera to capture this image.

Hostas on May 2, 2012, unbelievable!

The walkway will soon be full of hostas. I'm working on my edges this spring.

Future salad!!!

Another container of salad and I have one more, they like the cool weather and are doing well.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Blogging

 Some pictures for my non-Facebook friends.  Facebook and Pinterest have definitely cut into my blog, sad to say.  I snapped a picture of my Feb tablescape which is now down, getting ready for a natural mossy look which I'm sure the cats will enjoy!

 These bookmarks are awfully fun and easy to make.  I made one for all 52 of my 5th graders and also some of my coworkers.  I slipped a valentine note and piece of chocolate inside.  I am still making some that I will be sending out in the mail this week.  Kinda late, oh well!

More corner bookmarks.
A necklace I made for Lynn.  I need to find more typewriter keys!
I used to love this green wool sweater but then one day I accidentally washed it and it shrunk.  I hung onto it for a someday project and finally decided to make fingerless gloves.  I washed or felted the wool a couple more times, cut the sleeves off, cut a hole for the thumb, added a blanket stitch, felt flower and now they're perfect ipad or texting gloves.  I still have lots of green left, thinking of other possibilities....
Maisy enjoys the sunshine

I sewed some new curtains for the bathroom, here's the before and...

here's the after.  I love this print in wallpaper and this will do for now.

 These matches look much prettier after their facelift.

 I found this sign at Yesterdays, in the Shabby Chic isle-LOVE it.

 The red shelf is not my usual style but I really like it.
This vintage necklace was found at the Bargain Bazaar for just 50 cents!
I think I will get much use out of it.